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Charming Wall Decors for Bathroom Suites

Bathroom designs are undergoing tremendous innovation as newer concepts and ideas are constantly emerging in the field of interior decoration. Unlike the bathrooms of earlier days that used muted shades for the walls, today's bathroom suites enjoy vivid colors and luxurious appliances. A few interesting design ideas for bathroom walls are discussed below.
Tiles, wall art, wallpaper, wall painting and mirrors are predominantly used in decorating bathroom walls. Tiles are commonly used in big and small bathrooms, including cloakroom suites, as they offer a versatile design solution, incorporating plenty of elements, such as colors, patterns, texture, and so on. Wall tiles are usually designed to match the floor tiles, particularly in small bathrooms. Further, light white or off-white tiles are widely used in small spaces to create an airy look. Many people also prefer large and rectangular tiles for bathroom walls as they render a clean look. Patterned tiles allow for specific wall patterns. Tile materials include vinyl, ceramic and stone tiles, such as granite, marble, brick and mosaic. Blended with proper lighting and shades, tiled bathroom walls impart a special characteristic to cloakroom suites.

Color combination plays a major role in adorning bathroom walls. For instance, light colors are best-suited for small bathrooms as they give a roomy feel and look. Using the right color scheme can render an incredible transformation. This can be done by creating a pattern of colored tiles or just randomly placing bright colors amidst a light background. The tiles, usually placed up to the eye level, can have a differently colored border.
Wall paper decorations are also emerging, and they allow for many colors, designs and patterns. Different wall paper materials provide different kinds of finishes and looks. Wall painting is another interesting option, which allows for a myriad of designs, patterns and color combinations. Painting need not be a one-time task, as it can be changed once in a while to create different themes, patterns and textures. It is an excellent idea for children's bathrooms, owing to the minimal investment and easy maintenance.
Mirrors have always formed an important bathroom accessory. They are actually incorporated as functional accessories, just like other bathroom fittings. However, they don't just serve the purpose of a looking glass, but are capable of imparting a totally new look to the bathroom wall and interior. Intermittent placement of mirror strips on tiled walls render an attractive appearance, creating a jazz effect. Besides, huge mirrors can instantly make the bathroom appear bigger by reflecting the existing space. Adorning the wall with a large-sized mirror instead of a wall-hanging creates an illusion of space in small bathroom suites. Mirrors also reflect incoming light and artificial light from fixtures, making the room brighter.
Wall murals are also gaining importance in bathroom wall decoration. Wall decors in bathroom suites have begun making a style statement, exuding the luxurious trend in bathroom design. They tend to define the mood of bathroom suites, apart from enhancing the aesthetics and utility of big and small spaces alike.